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Inspiration: Glenn Arthur

Glenn Arthur is a self taught visual artist from Orange County, California. Born in February of 1979, he grew up in a conservative, religious household with little to no influence in art. After shedding his roots he quickly realized that creating art would be his calling. Although he constantly doodled and sketched throughout his youth, Glenn did not come into painting until later in life when a friend forced a paintbrush into his hands and said, “You need to do this!”


If you want to check out more of Glenn’s work check out his facebook & myspace!


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So I bought a new sketchbook from the bookstore at the college today. When I got home I was all excited to start drawing in my new book. So I made dinner, watched some TV before going to my room. I started drawing at around 8:30pm, using references from here, and I looked at the time and it was already 11:30! It’s funny how time flies when you’re doing something you love.

Has this ever happened to you?

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