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Audi R8 Illustration

The past couple weeks at school have been CRAZY stressful. But like most things you put your heart and soul into, it was definitely worth all the headache, pain and no sleep. Pretty much in one week, I built a website, a water bottle advertisement, a consumer catalog page and spent about 15 hours of my weekend drawing an Audi R8 in Illustrator. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Along with the car we had to design a poster and a web banner. You can also check out the website I built here. Peace!


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Inspiration: Tattoos

Tattoos have been a huge influence & source of inspiration. The idea of putting something so permanent on your body always appealed to me.

I remember my first tattoo experience when I was 18, I didn’t ask for my parents permission, I told them that I was going to get a tattoo and they were okay with it. They just told me to be sure to get something I wouldn’t regret in the future.

I thought for a long time about what I wanted to get, and in the end I went with a quote, “all good things are wild and free” by Henry David Thoreau, on the base of my neck. It didn’t have meaning for me at the time, I just liked the quote. But as I grew older, it started to have more meaning for me. I’m glad I chose something that I loved and have grown into. My second tattoo I got, was a Japanese style chrysanthemum flower on my left shoulder blade. It’s not done yet, and I plan to add more to it, possibly thinking about extending it into a sleeve.

I do have plans for getting more, I really want to do my arms. Since they tend to be out in the open, I’ve taken more time and thought harder about what I want to get done. I really like the old-school traditional style of tattooing and may go in that direction.

But until then, here is some lovely tattoo inspiration.

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Late Nights/Early Mornings

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