Inspiration: Tattoos

Tattoos have been a huge influence & source of inspiration. The idea of putting something so permanent on your body always appealed to me.

I remember my first tattoo experience when I was 18, I didn’t ask for my parents permission, I told them that I was going to get a tattoo and they were okay with it. They just told me to be sure to get something I wouldn’t regret in the future.

I thought for a long time about what I wanted to get, and in the end I went with a quote, “all good things are wild and free” by Henry David Thoreau, on the base of my neck. It didn’t have meaning for me at the time, I just liked the quote. But as I grew older, it started to have more meaning for me. I’m glad I chose something that I loved and have grown into. My second tattoo I got, was a Japanese style chrysanthemum flower on my left shoulder blade. It’s not done yet, and I plan to add more to it, possibly thinking about extending it into a sleeve.

I do have plans for getting more, I really want to do my arms. Since they tend to be out in the open, I’ve taken more time and thought harder about what I want to get done. I really like the old-school traditional style of tattooing and may go in that direction.

But until then, here is some lovely tattoo inspiration.


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