Introductions & Ideas

In my earlier post I mentioned that this blog would be a way to document my life & adventures, which it will be. But…

While laying on my bed in my pyjamas thinking of good “blog ideas”, these came to me:

  • Weekend Update: a Monday post about how my weekend went (good or bad). any photos i took, etc.
  • Typography Tuesday: A Tuesday post of a typographer or an example of typography that I like.
  • GPOYW: Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday. This is something that I’m bringing over from Tumblr (a site I’m on almost daily). It’s just an unnecessary picture of yourself that you put on the interwebs on a Wednesday.
  • Album of the Week/Favourite Album: A post with my favourite musical album of the week, and why I’m into it.
  • Movie Review/Favourite Movie: Just a personal review of any movies (old or new) that I recently watched.
  • Pretty Packages: Posting any package designs that I find are spectacular & awe-inspiring.

Anyway, these are subject to change at anytime. But it’s going to be my goal to stick to this.

***I updated my About page, so hop on over there if you want to know more about me.



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4 responses to “Introductions & Ideas

  1. These all sound like excellent ideas for posts, I’m looking forward to these panning out. Don’t beat yourself up about posting every day, but definitely stick to your plan. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Abby. Yeah, I’m not too worried about posting everyday…I’m just going to try and stay disciplined. And you should do the song idea, it’d be great! Some of my ideas I’m actually taking from my favourite bloggers. πŸ™‚

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